Welcome, I'm excited to share more about me, with you. 

 My journey to reclaiming me has been full of messy and painful human moments, and glorious celebrations and triumphs. Here is the reality, healing is nothing glamorous, its full of ups and downs, its messy, its expansive. I've realized over this last decade of working with clients that none of us walking this human life escape painful experiences that we allow to define us. My goal as a empowered leader and coach is to normalize the messy human journey so others can feel the common humanity we all experience, which makes room for accelerated growth. I will never claim to have it all together or to have arrived.


The truth is

I know first hand how defeating that inner critic of our minds can be. 

I know what it feels like to have the desire to grow and go after my dreams only to hit the defeating wall of old habits that feel impossible to break.

I know what it feels like to get trapped in the cycle of self doubt when parenting my four boys.

I know what it feels like to settle for less than I really want in pay in my career because I was afraid of being told no and confirming my biggest fears of not being enough or worthy to ask for what I want. 

I know what it feels like to have big dreams to achieve and to constantly place them on the shelf because others needs of me are more important. 

I know well the mom guilt that can overtake the heart and mind of a working mom. 

I spent so much of my time beating myself up in one area or another for not performing to my perfectionistic ideals

I know the weight of needing to be everything everyone else wants of you so everyone else is happy, even if its at my own expense

I know what its like to feel alone and that I have to do everything on my own.






I have also known the triumph of...

Being deeply in love with the woman I see in the mirror

Understanding the difference between the inner critic stories I tell myself and the truth about me 

Going after what I want and busting through old habits to make new habits to match what I want in life

Having incredibly powerful parenting moments with real connection to my children 

Knowing I am worthy of love, connection and everything I want in life

Pulling my dreams off the shelf knowing that I can be an incredible mom AND business owner

Understanding my perfectionistic tendencies and how to talk myself through them so they don't limit me or keep me playing small

Setting up healthy boundaries with those in my personal, work and home space, empowering all my relationships

The liberating freedom of letting go of people pleasing and perfectionism and stepping into "my best is enough"

Empowering my mind that I have the capability to be, do and have anything I want in life as a woman. I own the power of achieving the soul fulfilling life I am here to create for myself. 


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