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Do you feel like every time you want to grow you get stuck in old patterns?


When new challenges arise in life do you get trapped in cycles of self doubt?


Does the inner critic of your mind stop you from living your life boldly, with power?


Do you often feel suppressed or depressed?


I know these feelings well.


I spent so much time beating myself up for not performing to my perfectionistic ideals.


What would it feel like to have the tools to liberate yourself from old patterns?


What would it feel like to have such depth of self confidence that you know you have everything you need to grow into life's challenges?


What would it feel like to know how to quickly silence your inner critic so you can live in more self love and acceptance?


Now is such an important time for women for women to liberate themselves from the personal, generational and cultural programming that has kept us feeling less than and playing small for years.


I boldly invite you to step into real lasting change with me today!

Are you ready for transformation? 

Choose which path will best get you the results you deserve in your life

Join me in your customized 3 month transformational experience. This one on one experience is an in-depth healing experience where you get power packed sessions with Dana customized to your needs. This is by application only. Spots are limited. 

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This unique program is created for those ready for REAL LASTING CHANGE. In this program you will get 24 customized sessions to fit your needs. In these sessions Dana brings the best of the best to her clients to help them achieve their dreams and transform how they see themselves and life. This will truly be a life changing experience This is by application only. Spots are limited.

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Dana has a heart of gold and it truly shows in ALL areas of her coaching. I have had several sessions with Dana and every single one transforms my life and helps me move forward into my highest sense of self. 

 -Amber Goodey

Dana is such an amazing coach! I'm definitely seeing the benefits in working with her. I know that this coaching relationship is the key ingredient I've been missing for years, and I can see the mindset changes shifting and the results are happening. It's been exciting and so worth the financial and time investment. I've been recommending my friends to work with Dana. You'll love her!

-Charlene Roberts

Working with Dana has completely deepened my relationship with myself. My biggest take away from coaching with Dana is a massive sense of empowerment. She shone the light on my power that has always been within me and gave me practical tools to implement positive change in my life.

-Alyssa Joy