Our Team

Dana Parker:

Dana Parker has been on the ground floor in two previous personal-development movements, training other leaders. She is a highly qualified life coach with over a decade of experience in coaching thousands of clients all over the world. She specializes in navigating life change with emotional intelligence. She is experienced in spreading emotional education as a spiritual practice specifically through her development of educational materials, public speaking, and her work as a thought leader. She is the voice of the Inner World Movement and looks forward to future speaking engagements, online courses, retreats, and more.

Hannah Foust:

With experience in social work and teaching, Hannah finds beauty in both tradition and seeing what is beyond. She lovingly explores ideas that aren't popular, holding loosely to diverse ideas and beliefs. In this way, she courageously stands up for what her heart says is true while still honoring another's viewpoint. She finds joy and beauty in illuminating the stories of others. One way that Hannah promotes the voices of others is through ghost writing for authors looking to tell their own personal stories. Co-founder of the Inner World Movement, Hannah is in process of writing her own book and becoming a certified life coach.