Coach Dana: 

 Dana Parker is creator the of the coaching model which prompted the framework for the Empowerment Cycle. She is a highly qualified life coach with over a decade of experience in coaching thousands of clients all over the world. She specializes in navigating life change, teaching people tools of emotional resilience. She has experience in spreading emotional education as a spiritual practice specifically through her development of educational materials, public speaking, and her work as a thought leader. She is the voice of the Inner World Movement and looks forward to future speaking engagements, online courses, retreats, and more.

Dana's Coaching Sessions:

Zoom session: $145 per session
Phone Session: $125 per session

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While we all can do inner world healing on our own, there are some that find more joy in having someone to support their personal transformation. Growth is frequently accelerated with loving mirrors to help us see what we cannot. For this reason, we offer coaching support through the Empowerment Cycle:

            Facts                             Become aware of life circumstances and the stories you tell yourself

            Feelings                       Identify the root driver of your emotions and take your power back

            Find insight            Acknowledge the lessons and the gift of life circumstances.               

            Future                         Take the wisdom of the past and create the future you want

What people are saying: 

Dana has a heart of gold and it truly shows in ALL areas of her coaching. I have had several sessions with Dana and every single one transforms my life and helps me move forward into my highest sense of self. The last session I had was sacred. Dana helped me to embrace the parts of myself I was scared to love. Thank you Dana for your light, love, wisdom, and truth!


Dana... how do I even put this into words. This woman knows how to bring the lost light shining back into your soul. She is so compassionate and caring towards others that just makes you feel that extra gratification for who she is. Ever since I was introduced to her my life has changed in so many amazing ways. Shes helped clear distorted perceptions about my reality and about myself. If it wasnt for the relationship we have built, I wouldnt be the man I call myself today. Thank you for being you and always willing to help In anyway. HIGHLY RECOMMEND for any of your needs. With love, Bailey 

- Bailey

Dana is such an amazing coach! She is easily the most uplifting and positive flowing person I know. It truly is a gift she possess, and I'm definitely seeing the benefits in working with her. I know that this coaching relationship is the key ingredient I've been missing for years, and I can see the mindset changes shifting and the results are happening. It's been exciting and so worth the financial and time investment. I've been recommending my friends to work with Dana. You'll love her!

- Charlene

Dana has the most infectious, glowing energy of positivity and inspiration! Working with her has completely deepened my relationship with myself. Dana is a believer in leading through example and shares pieces of her transformational journey with her clients to show that the seemingly impossible is actually possible! Through our time coaching together, I have learned the value of being my true, authentic self and how much life starts to align when I am making decisions from a genuine space, as opposed to falling trap to old programming that does not feel right to me anymore. I would say my biggest take away from coaching with Dana is a massive sense of empowerment. She shone the light on my power that has always been within me and gave me practical tools to implement positive change in my life. I would highly recommend Dana as a coach to anyone who is ready to truly step into their innate power!

- Alyssa

When I decided to step into coaching, I was at the end. Unemployment, financial problems and no housing in sight were burdens on my psyche that I didn't want to fight alone. Because I knew where it would lead and it was clear that I could not take another psychotherapy. Dana was one of the first people I talked to about coaching and I was very positively surprised. As a German, US-Americans are often perceived as professional, aloof and superficial. Coaching by phone makes this impression even worse. On the one hand, this is an advantage because you can talk about things in a very abstract way and feelings don't play a role at first. I also knew this from my job and knew what I was getting into. On the other hand, it is difficult to really talk about your deepest fears and worries, because the human aspect is missing. It lacks the empathy and familiarity to really get involved with a person. But with you it was different from the beginning. In a coaching with you I feel good and I don't think and don't filter what I say. I can trust you with everything because you really understand me and don't just give the impression. Within a short time, you manage to build up a relationship in which I feel comfortable. Your conversation is very professional and yet emphatic. I also find it so great that I can tell by your voice and breathing that you mean it honestly. This feeling alone helps me and it increases the energy that comes to me. A call with you is like an intense conversation with a very good wise friend. Tears, laughter, seriousness, depth, lightness, joy - all this makes for an awesome mixture with you. After a coaching with you I always feel uplifted, clear, positive and motivated. Sometimes I put myself in our conversations during the day and strengthen the feeling that I am there and then I can continue strengthened again.

- Nina