Bringing Heaven Home

“I feel changed just reading his book, finding within myself the desire to go deeper, fly higher and reach farther than ever before… if you are reading this now, you’re ready for the next step on your path to enlightenment and ascension.” 

— Karen T. Prier, author of Understanding the Divine

I saw the explosion of the hearts of so many countless people around the world, each coming into a state of joy, love, and bliss beyond comprehension…

In this gripping memoir, Dr. Brent Satterfield invites the reader to awaken through his experiences. Centering his account around five personal and highly detailed crossovers with the divine, similar to near-death experiences, he shares pivotal realizations that liberated him from the quagmire of inherited societal norms and traditions into an understanding of his own inherent worth and inner light . . . an inner light that each of us shares!

In this page-turning true story, Brent’s multiple encounters with heaven lead him from a suicidal childhood and a rigid Christian mindset into energy healing, a Hindu ashram, and beyond. Ranging from encounters with Jesus to detailed visions of eastern principles of manifestation and enlightenment, he is shown that humankind’s religious understanding is upside down . . . and that the key to awakening heaven on earth requires the perspectives of both the East and the West.

Through Brent’s eyes, readers will:

·       Experience an emotional connection to the reality of heaven

·       Discover their unique fingerprint of experience is not just wanted but craved by heaven

·       Undergo empowering reconstruction of who/what the divine is

·       Learn their life circumstances can change as they heal their hearts

·       Fill in the gaps where religious structures have left the heart wanting

·       Ignite possibilities and remember how to dream

·       Receive the invitation to awaken in this life

Join Brent on his journey in one of the most descriptive crossover accounts ever given of the multi-experiential nature of the divine. Explore multiple heavens in this artistic panorama of human awakening.

About the Author: Dr. Brent Satterfield invented DNA testing technologies that have impacted millions of people in more than fifty countries, including in the COVID-19 pandemic. Following multiple experiences with heaven, he became a student of consciousness and experiences of God in cultures around the world. He has achieved mastery level in Matrix Energetics, Theta Healing, Reiki, and other healing modalities in addition to studying the techniques of Native Americans, Hindu miracle workers and Christian street healers. He is a two-time author, tying Hindu and New Age understandings into Biblical teaching in Faith to Produce Miracles and sharing his own journey of awakening in his latest book, Bringing Heaven Home.

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“Father,” I prayed. “I finished writing the book, but I’m afraid of showing my heart. I’m afraid of the hurt and suffering in this world. I don’t want to be hurt again.”

In the background, I could hear the airline attendants calling out instructions for boarding our flight. I continued my silent prayer as I grabbed my bag and headed toward the gate, “I still struggle with my life – is this even a message that should be told? I mean, how can the imperfection of my words communicate the beauty in what I’ve seen? I don’t even know how to interpret all I’ve seen. I could use some help to know what to do, and it needs to be obvious enough to get through my head.” As I finished the prayer, I knew I didn’t have to think about the book anymore. My trust was simple. If there was anything more I should do, it would show up without me having to look for it. 

As I boarded the plane and made my way toward my seat, I noticed a young man in the seat beside mine. He looked to be in his early thirties with a definite eye for fashion. He was hard at work, pouring over a manuscript that completely filled a three-inch, three-ring binder. The manuscript revealed heavy edits he and others had already made in a computer program, but it seemed he was now going the extra mile making comments between the lines by hand. 

On long plane rides, I never know the temperament of the person I will be sitting next to. Most won’t meet your eyes, but a few are looking for conversation to pass the time. I figured I’d roll the dice with a little friendly teasing. 

“Looks like fun,” I remarked somewhat dryly, referring to his work. 

As an inventor and a DNA scientist, I had worked on editing plenty of technical documents in the past. While I had no idea what he was working on, any document that size with that many edits had to be what I teasingly referred to as “fun.” 

He looked up as if to make sure I was actually addressing him. “Actually, yes,” he responded with unexpected enthusiasm.

I was caught off guard with his response; I couldn’t think of a reply. But as it turned out, I didn’t need to. 

“These are the final edits before I get my book published,” he elaborated.

“Oh, so you’re a writer?” I asked.

“No, I’m actually a film producer for movies up to a forty-million-dollar budget.”

“And you’re writing a book?” I prompted, a little confused.

“Yeah, this is my first book; it’s a Christian inspirational about my granddad. My agent found a publisher willing to pay in advance for the concept and then I hired a best-selling novelist to do the bulk of the writing. Now I’m making final comments and revisions.”

“I’ve done a lot of family history,” I said, “but I can’t even get my family to read it. How are you getting paid to publish a book about your granddad, especially when you’ve never written one before?”

He looked thoughtful for a moment and said, “As a film producer, I like to think I have an eye for a story. And my granddad’s story is as good as they come. He left a career as a famous musician to be a high-school teacher in a small town. The story is in the struggles he went through in making that decision, and the way that he ended up changing his community as a result of his choice.”

He paused for a moment to show me a little of the structure in the book. “See how I’m using dialogue? It makes the story and the plotline develop like fiction, but all the dialogue comes out of the journals he kept, so it’s still true-to-life.”

“Oh,” I said. “So, this should grab the reader like a fiction novel, only it has that extra depth that comes from also being true.”

“Exactly,” he replied. “The inspirational book market is constantly looking for true stories that the everyday person can relate to.”

After making this remark, he turned the conversation back to me, “So, what do you do?”

I paused. Most people don’t have to hesitate in answering this question, but the truth was, I wasn’t entirely sure at the moment. And I realized that maybe this chance meeting was not so chance after all. It was possible it was the answer to the prayer I had uttered just before boarding the plane.

“Four years ago, I stepped down as the CEO of a biotech company.” Searching for the right words I continued, “I did it to follow a, well, sort of a spiritual impression to study faith healing with people from different cultures.”

“That sounds interesting,” he responded. “Is that what you do now?”

“Umm, not really. I wrote a book on what I learned, but I published that over a year ago. Now I’m working on another book idea. I’m just not sure what to do with it yet.”

 “Oh, really?” he asked. “What’s this new book about?”

“Well, during the time I was travelling, I had a few experiences of heaven, kind of like near-death experiences.”

He did a double take, “Wait, you saw heaven? You mean like, you saw Jesus?”

“Yeah,” I answered. “And a whole lot more. Unlike most accounts I’ve heard of people who’ve seen the other side, I had multiple experiences.”

He looked at me a moment as if trying to gauge if I was serious, and then he stated, “That’s incredible. I’ve never met anyone who’s seen the other side even once, let alone several times! So, what’d you see?”

I started to tell him that it was a long story, but then I recalled we were stuck together on a plane for the next several hours. Besides, just after telling God He was going to have to intervene for me to publish my book, I sat down next to this young man who was in the process of publishing a Christian inspirational and was also a movie producer. Was this part of the answer I was looking for?

However, even if this moment was divinely orchestrated, I still had several reasons for hesitating. As my dad taught me when I was little, there are three subjects you never talk about in polite society: money, politics, and religion. Out of those three, the most sensitive is religion. Even Jesus emphasized this idea when he taught that we shouldn’t cast our pearls before swine. Like a young person sharing their love for the first time, it is sweeter when it is received by someone who values it. The more tender and sacred something is to us, the more vulnerable we are to harm from sharing that part of us with someone who does not appreciate it. Spiritual experiences, not surprisingly, tend to be the most tender of all.

For this reason, those who come back from near-death experiences and related visions of heaven often have trouble reintegrating into the world. They have seen that which has never entered into the hearts of humankind and have been exposed to a love in which there is no comparison in this world. It has changed their entire being and the way they see everything. Back on earth, people still see through the same filter. They are not so kind; they are not so loving. It hurts to realize how few people there are willing to truly hear the beauty of experiences on the other side.

Even Todd Burpo, the pastor who recounted his son’s experience with Jesus in Heaven is for Real, reported difficulties in telling the story. Not everyone from his religious community was welcoming to even the idea of it. And he was the pastor of people who supposedly shared his beliefs!

I didn’t know much about the religious beliefs or background of the man sitting beside me, and I didn’t know how he might receive what I had experienced. But I did know the odds of us meeting in this way at this time were too low to be chance alone. I also knew he seemed genuinely interested. So, I resolved to do what I often do when talking with others, tell a little of the story and see if they ask for more. There wasn’t much harm in that. 

“My first experience helped me to see that heaven is very different than how we see things on earth,” I told him.

“What do you mean by that?” he asked. 

“Well, specifically there was no judgment,” I recalled. I went deeper into the memory as the feeling began to surface within me again. He waited patiently for me to continue. 

“I was loved in a way that I’ve never known in this life,” I said as I sought for better vocabulary to convey the feeling and yet simultaneously only share the smallest of details. “I saw the perfection in even the parts of my life I thought could never be healed. In fact, those moments were the most perfect of all.”

There was silence. You could hear the soft blowing of the air-conditioning unit overhead. 

“No judgment?” he asked tentatively. He looked away as though reflecting on something that had troubled him in the past. “I’m a Christian and I believe God is a lot more merciful than most people think He is, but are you saying God doesn’t judge at all?”

“Not in my experience,” I said. 

I watched him to see how he would respond. I was well aware of what most churches taught and it was a lot different from what I was telling him now. He nodded for me to continue, so I did. “For me, He was only love. And I’m not alone in that thought.”

“What do you mean by that?” he asked. 

“Well,” I continued, “after my experiences I went back and read hundreds of near-death experiences that others have had. I also met quite a few people who were willing to share their experiences of the other side with me. I wanted to know how much of what I saw has been seen by others.” 

I paused and looked him in the eye. I wanted to make sure he understood the next point. “The number one thing they all say, regardless of the religion they come from, is that they were surprised by the complete lack of judgment they experienced.”

The stewardess passed by dropping off water. He used the opportunity to gather his thoughts, then said, “I live in California now and work in the movie industry. Almost everyone there is from other religions. What about them?”

I thought I knew what he was getting at. Many conservative religions believe that theirs is the only path approved by God. People like my new friend who have positive experiences with God are conflicted by the contradiction they feel between God’s love and the rigidity exhibited by some religions. I imagined he was asking me if I had seen anything that would shed light on that subject.

“Umm…” I hesitated. “My experiences suggest that heaven is bigger than what most people think.” 

I paused, looking for any hint in his eyes what his background would allow him to believe. I’ve learned that oftentimes in such moments, the words I need seem to come out of nowhere. Right then, two popular Biblical passages jumped into my mind that I thought he might have heard during Sunday services, and I referenced them to expound on my previous thought, “You see, Jesus didn’t come to condemn the world but to save it from its own judgment. He even said that in his ‘Father’s house are many mansions.’ I think we’ll be surprised by how big heaven is when we get there.”

He stared straight ahead while turning his pencil over in his hands. He seemed to be reflecting on what this might mean for the spiritual paradigms he grew up with. At length he said, “That makes sense to me. I mean, I don’t always understand the way others practice their religions, but they seem to believe as much as I do.”

I nodded encouragingly for him to keep putting his thoughts into words. He added, “I just can’t understand how God could throw them into Hell when they’re putting all their faith and hope in Him, even if they call Him by another name.” 

I shrugged and smiled in agreement as he sat back seemingly resolved on the matter. Then he looked up at me again, changing the subject. “So, did you actually die five times?”

I chuckled at his directness before replying, “No. I’m not sure if I actually died any of the times. I mean, I wasn’t taken to a hospital intensive care unit for any of them.”

He looked at me curiously as if waiting for further explanation. So I continued, “But in my second experience, I really thought I was going to die.”

I opened the airline’s generic bag of pretzels and thought back to that moment. He motioned for me to continue and I said, “There was this beautiful energy that filled my being.” 

I stopped again to reflect deeper on the experience. It was not a feeling that I had ever felt before. But every time I thought back to it, the memory seemed to rush back in a way that allowed me to feel it all over again. “I felt… I felt completely embraced by God’s love. You know, it was kind of like the tingling of pins and needles when your leg falls asleep, but throughout my entire body… and thousands of times more intense.”

I looked in his eyes. He was watching me intently, so I went on, “I thoroughly enjoyed it until it moved into my heart.”

I thought about the surprise I had when I could no longer feel my lips and when my whole body had gone numb except for the intense exploding feeling in my heart. I ate another pretzel before adding, “It felt like my heart was moving in a million directions all at once with severely arrhythmic beating, and I thought This isn’t fun anymore – I’m having a heart attack – I’m going to die!

My fellow passenger lost no time with a follow-up question, “Is that the experience when you saw Jesus – the one where there was no judgment?”

“No,” I said and then hesitated. I had encountered Jesus in several experiences, this one in particular lasting several hours, but where to begin? “There was no judgment in any of my experiences. But… I guess it was in my first experience that it impacted me most profoundly. This one, where I thought I was going to die, was my second experience.”

I looked at him to see if he had anything else to ask, but he gestured for me to continue. He seemed to be enjoying the conversation. So, I added, “But I did see Jesus in my second experience too. It was by far my longest experience as I was on the other side for several hours.”

I took a sip of water and then went back to his previous question about dying, “I know I didn’t die in my first experience.”

He pushed his hair back as I continued, “At the time, I was with a woman who had four near-death experiences, the first in an airplane crash.”

His eyebrows went up at that and I smiled inwardly. Not only is surviving an airplane crash incredible, but talking about dying in an airplane crash while being on an airplane seemed a little ironic. 

I explained, “One of the gifts she came back with was the ability to help someone cross over without having to die to get there. That was the first time I felt that pins and needles loss of bodily sensation, but just without the life-threatening intensity the way it happened the second time.” 

He seemed dumbfounded, “Umm… So, a woman had four near-death experiences – and she helped you have your own experience?” 

Once started, his questions tumbled out faster than I could respond, “What happened there? Can you tell me about it? How did you meet her, and what led up to it?”

The man was practically glowing with enthusiasm and had completely forgotten his manuscript. I knew this was going to be a long conversation. But it was also going to be enjoyable to talk with someone who really wanted to know. As much as there are few things more painful than sharing your pearls with someone who isn’t prepared to receive them, there are also few things more joyous than relating those details to someone who is excited about them. I smiled as I began to recollect the details leading up to that first experience.

Available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle (click here to get your copy today).