Share with me your heart... I just want to know. I'll just listen and love you. Let's sit and have tea. I just want to give you a warm blanket and just listen and cry with you and laugh with you. I intimately know what it's like to follow your heart and walk the journey into the unknown alone. It's like one of the most sacred moments you can participate with another human being. You're doing so good at this human thing. It's so messy and it's wonderful. Every person deserves to hear that in this life.

- Dana Parker 

The Inner World Movement acknowledges that the world around us is connected to our inner space. We do inner-world healing to obtain outer-world results. This is done by 1) cultivating awareness of the connection between our inner and outer world 2) learning tools to start healing the inner world and 3) rediscovering who we are individually and collectively in a world that is increasingly awake.

Join us as we meet each other in courageous vulnerability to create true connection and healing. We invite you to rediscover and listen to your heart as we all transition from culture and tradition to heart-driven creations. This process is messy. We are here to support you with tools, education, coaching, and joyful play in navigating your process of change. Come be messy with us.

Check back often. Sign up for updates so you can receive the latest in events, free education, media, and other exciting resources. We are still in process of this creation and movement. Hope to see you soon.